Ben 10 Ultimate Alien | Alien of the Month | Ultimate Swampfire

Vídeo com o personagem Fogo Fátuo Supremo (Ultimate Swampfire), que é o alienígena do mês de outubro de 2011 na série Ben 10 Supremacia Alienígena (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien) exibida no canal de TV por assinatura Cartoon Network.

"Alien of the Month - Say hello to .. ULTIMATE SWAMPFIRE!
He's sowing the seeds of galactic justice and planting some serious seeds of destruction.

He's Ultimate Swampfire, now with less swamp and more fire - like really hot blue fire, that he can throw...ka boom bad guys who tangle with this alien will be getting wrapped up in plumber justice, the kind that really grow on you".

Fonte: Cartoon Network


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