Todos os Vilões do Ben 10

(List of villains in Ben 10)

1 Principais Vilões (Main villains):

1.1 Vilgax
1.2 Kevin 11
1.3 Fantasmático (Ghostfreak)

1.3.1 Asseclas do Fantasmático (Ghostfreak's minions):
____1.3.1.1 Dr. Vicktor
____1.3.1.2 Múmia Alien (Alien Mummy)
____1.3.1.3 Yenaldooshi

2 O Negativo 10 (The Negative 10 ):

2.1 Dr.Animal (Dr. Aloysius Animo)
2.2 Feiticeira (Charmcaster)
2.3 Clancy
2.4 Joey ou Rojo

2.5 Trio Assustador do Circo (Circus Freak Trio):
___2.5.1 Ácido (Acid Breath)
___2.5.2 Mortrança (Frightwig)
___2.5.3 Thumbskull
___2.5.4 Sublimino

2.6 Forever Knights:
___2.6.1 Forever King
___2.6.2 Forever Knight Ninja

3 Outros vilões recorrentes (Other recurring villains):

3.1 Hex, o Mágico (Hex The Magician)
3.2 Sixsix
3.3 Vulcano (Volcanus)

4 Vilões Secundários (Secondary villains):

4.1 Aliens Robôs do Triângulo das Bermudas (Bermuda Triangle Aliens)
4.2 Eon
4.3 Exoskull
4.4 O Cérebro (Fungal Brain/Mycelium)

4.5 O Grande (The Great One or The Big Tick)
___4.5.1 Servos do Grande (The Great One's Worshipers)

4.6 Jonah Melville
4.7 Kane Norte
4.8 Kenko (Kenko o Shapeshifter)
4.9 Kraab
4.10 Limax
4.11 Megawhatts
4.12 Mr. Beck
4.13 Phil
4.14 Pinky e Missy
4.15 Road Crew
4.16 S.A.M.
4.17 Slix Vigma
4.18 Lodo (Sludges)
4.19 Zombozo (Zomboso the clown)
4.20 Polegares (Zomboso´s Warrior)
4.21 Enock
4.22 Explomer


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